Partnership With The Ultimate Venture Studio

A Path To Growth

Partnership With The Ultimate Venture Studio

Okmno will support “Venture Age” a new venture builder in London focused on Health & Sports.

Okmno has already a long history of working alongside with startups bringing its expertise in business development, digital strategy and funding. It has also develop a solid footprint in the field of sports supporting businesses and institutions such as the International Padel Federation; Setteo, the leading racket sports marketplace; MangoSports, currently establishing itself as the largest sports club management software or Olympia World, the sports data aggregator.

The partnership with Venture Age will focus in bringing coaching and funding to the ventures. It will provide Okmno with a constant flow of new projects and customers within the health and sports industry. It will also leverage the existing network of Okmno resulting in an unfair competitive advantage for the new ventures to be built.

The first ventures that Okmno will support include a sports digital collectibles business. It also include a company offering smart solutions to government and cities to make people more active.