Our Blockchain Strategists Awarded

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Our Blockchain Strategists Awarded

Finally bringing to the sports industry the community it has helped others to build. A case study of how blockchain can unify the world of sports.

The world of sports is suffering from a massive amount of fragmentation. It exists thousands of apps that are disconnected from one another. They generate isolated and inefficient services. This is a unique opportunity to bring the world of sports together exactly like uber did for transports or Whatsapp for communications. The power and scalability of standards are limitless.

Based on this analysis OKMNO consultants have advised Setteo, the leading marketplace for racket sports (www.setteo.com), to create Olympia. Olympia is a decentralized database that will aggregate the data from Setteo, its competitors, and all sports apps and platforms. It will become the largest database of amateur sports results and activity. It will generate accurate standards for the industry such as an activity index, a level rating system, a universal ID for sports, and a currency.

We are very pleased to announce Olympia together with some OKMNO representatives were awarded by Qatar Sports Tech as one of 10 best sports startups worldwide this year. Setteo’s pivotal change towards decentralization has proven to be a successful strategy impulsed by OKMNO

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