New Trading Department

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New Trading Department

Okmno re-launches its trading activity to support medical distributors in Europe.

In those times of crisis, it is very difficult for medical distributors to source efficiently sanitary products. One of the major challenges is simply to get access to products. Not to mention the dramatic price increase and the risk associated with dealing with unknown individuals & organizations under time constraints.

Under these circumstances, several medical distributors have reached out to OKMNO expertise to help them in this critical task of sourcing sanitary basics. OKMNO has stopped its trading activity in 2014 in order to focus further on consulting & technology. However, it is a seasoned and trustful trading partner especially when it comes to China and Southeast Asian countries. In this regard, OKMNO used to have a subsidiary in Hong Kong. OKMNO ASIA was sold in 2014.

Hence we are very pleased to announce OKMNO has re-activated a trading department focus on supporting European sanitary organizations in the short & mid-term. In the longer-term OKMNO might well maintain this trading activity with a focus on alternate sustainable sourcing in line with our company’s values.

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